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A testing time!

Thank you to all those children (and parents) who worked really hard over the holidays to ensure that learning continued on the upward curve! The revision children have told us about is incredible…as well as many other holiday tales! Hopefully, the children are now rested and relaxed and ready to go for the “last push”.  As we all know, SATs are rapidly approaching and we appreciate this is a very stressful time for the pupils so here are our top tips to ensure the children remain as relaxed and healthy as possible:

– Please make sure you have an early night! Sleep does wonders!

– Try to eat breakfast before you arrive at school as this will kick-start your brain!

– Letters will be arriving home shortly about the introduction of Tai Chi which we are sure the children will love.

– Please don’t be afraid to talk to your parents/teachers if you are feeling stressed. Sometimes, just talking to someone can really take the  pressure away.

Remember, keep calm! You have worked so hard and this is our chance to show how amazing we really are!


Finally, thank you again for your continued support.

The dates are as follows:

Date Level
3-5 tests
6 tests
Mon 11th May 2015 English – Reading Test (60 mins) English – Reading Test (10 + 50 mins)
Tues 12th May 2015 English – Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Test English – Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Test
Wed 13th May 2015 Maths – Mental Mathematics Test (20 mins)Maths – Mathematics Paper 1 (45 mins NO
No level 6 tests timetabled for this day
Thurs 14th May 2015 Maths – Mathematics Paper 2 (45 mins NO
Maths – Paper 1 (30 mins: NO calculator allowed)Maths – Paper 2 (30 mins: Calculator allowed)

Wow! A Fantastic Week of Science

circuits clip artA huge thank you to the Year 6 children who took part at home in our National Science Week challenge. It was fabulous to see you all taking part.

In school we have been busy scientists too! This week we began our work on Electricity and both classes have had great fun.

Photo-2015-03-20-13-36-27_0576    image    image  Photo-2015-03-20-13-36-20_0573

The websites below will allow you to investigate circuits further – without the need for equipment at home!


We have recorded our science investigations using our iPads and Explain Everything – this means we can record what we did and compare observations much better than we ever could using pencil and paper alone. It also means we can share our work with parents and carers at home.

What did you think about recording Science in this way?

This is the video made from clips sent in from the whole school during Science week… maybe you will be on it, maybe it will inspire you to continue your hard work as super scientists.

Welcome to our lovely new school!

When we returned from our holiday, some children were apprehensive about the new school but they soon realised how fabulous and inviting the building is. We really have been absolutely amazed by our new school this week. One pupil actually described the building as “awesome” and it really is! Attached are a few pictures to give you a sneak peek of our favourite bits!

Photo-2015-03-05-14-20-42_0196 Photo-2015-03-05-14-21-57_0198 Photo-2015-03-05-14-22-34_0199

As well as settling into our new school, we have been very busy continuing our learning about science legend Charles Darwin. We were tasked with writing a biography about this influential evolution pioneer and we certainly rose to the challenge. It was very difficult to select examples, however, the examples below are from children (Kayley, Emma and Nomsa) who have really given 100% this week. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did writing them!

Nomsa's biography Photo-2015-03-05-14-22-06_0372 Photo-2015-03-05-14-25-46_0200


Can we also say a huge thank you for parental support as we have had a fantastic World Book Day with some seriously amazing costumes!! Loads of pictures have been taken and will appear on the blog very soon!

Year 6 team.


100 word challenge

What was that I could feel? A strange wind brewed behind me. Suddenly, the mighty emperor of air appeared while my friend, called Butters, cowered in fear.
” Who… who… who is that?” Stuttered Butters , hiding behind his hands.
“I am the ruler of the heaves,” he roared, ” or another way of saying it, the Emperor Of Air!”
Quickly, I picked up my my spell book and casted the spell of defence on Butters. Butters picked up his hammer of electricity while the Emperor Of Air shot a wind bolt at me. Swiftly, I front flipped and kicked his face. Was he dead?

Welcome To Spring Term

 The Origin of SpeciesCreative Commons License Son of Groucho via Compfight

This term we are following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin.

We will be learning about his discoveries and how they led him to his theory of evolution as part of our Science work.

This week we have been amazed with the efforts the children have made with our Galapagos stories. The stories are based on two young boys who set sail for Galapagos as part of Darwin’s voyage. Both boys have very different backgrounds but quickly become the best of friends. Our stories will follow their journey.

Our video will help you learn more about the things Darwin saw on his voyage – which will really help with writing as we will need to describe the Galapagos islands from the point of view of one of the young boys washed ashore.

If you want to learn more about Darwin check out these sites:

100 word challenge

” Finally we have completed Lord Stan’s dungeon !” shouted Jon shooting his arms, into the sky.
“The light is so bright!” Jim screamed covering his eyes with his arms. They were free from of Lord Stan after defeating the guardian of water, the guardian of earth, the guardian of the dark and the guardian of air. There next quest was to explore the realms of light to find Lance the warrior who set there last quest. Seven hours later, they had found Lance with a quest, a dangerous quest! It was to kill the Death Ripper. They were terrified of the quest.

100 word challenge

There was a human and a dog. They where call fin and Jake fin is a adventures and enigetic also jake was a dog that had stretchy power also he can tern him self into an animal there was 2 kingdoms bubble gum Kingdom and the ice Kingdom. As they started they ran to the candy Kingdom (which is the bubble gun Kingdom) all people there are made of candy
Fact: there’s a
Bad guy called the lich there’s a princes called princess bubble gum she has a crown
That has magic shields also princess bubble gum is the worlds most smartes person.

A very fast term!

This half term we have been very busy learning about both WW1 and WW2. We have combined our learning about the two wars with our already incredible (and increasing) skills on book creator as this was our ICT focus this term.

The children have made some fantastic books utilising many high level skills: adding hyperlinks to images and text; creating and inserting QR codes; inserting multimedia such as voice overs and video clips; using research skills to find appropriate and copyright free images; learning how to ensure continuity in books and why this is important and many more…! Now that iPads are going home your child will be able to show you their fantastic work!

As discussed with the children, we would like them to continue to learn and develop their book creator skills and what better way to do this than by recording our Christmas and New Year adventures! It would be lovely if the children were to record their Christmas experiences using their skills; there will be opportunities to share this when we return to school.

The children have worked phenomenally hard this term and we hope this will continue into the New Year. Thank you for your continued parental support during this term, it makes such a difference to your child’s education.


All that is left to say now is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the year 6 team!



It’s All About Understanding Each Other

The weeks seem to be flying by!planeThe children in Yr 6 are working as hard as ever!

This week there is a real theme of learning to understand people’s feelings and how we can support each other. Learning about the past and the terrible experiences people went through during WW1,  has helped us see how important it is to try and make our world a better place and how small acts of kindness can make the biggest differences.

World War One Writing

By the end of this week we will have finished our descriptive writing based on World War One which will be able to share with you via the blog so please watch out for it – we are sure you will be impressed, we have certainly learnt a lot by writing them. If you still want to carry on learning about the war, or listen to the episodes of Private Peaceful again then please click the link below. It’s always cool to continue learning! and impress everyone around you with new facts and a better understanding. poppy

The next half of the term is devoted to World War 2 which many of us may have relatives that lived through. If your family have artefacts to show or information to share, please let us know – or blog about it and share it with the world!

Anti Bullying Week

This week is National Anti Bullying Week. Every year we take part in this week to help us tackle the very serious issue of bullying. We have already examined cyber bullying as part of our e- safety unit and work at Crucial Crew so this week we will focus on the national theme of  stopping the bullying people who may be different, maybe because they have a disability or special needs.

The Newsround website has some fantastic links for you to follow if you want to learn more about this at home:


Lest we forget.

This half term (so far) we have been learning about WW1 as part of the whole school  theme. Although the war in itself is very sobering we have already had lots of engaging and informative lessons about the war.

Firstly, we had a fantastic history expert visit us in school. He explained the war and how and why it started in a way we understood, he also managed to make parts of  it funny by dragging Miss Cotton onto the stage as a helper at one point! Everyone was surprised at how one action (the shooting of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand) could impact the whole world forever.

Secondly, we paid a visit to  St Lawrences church, who were able to tell us lots of fascinating information about the war as well as show us some very interesting displays – we even got to see pictures of the assassin that shot the Arch Duke. We found the whole morning very engaging  as it really put the devastation of the war into perspective.

We are currently making an ebook to summarise our learning – when these are finished we will upload some of them for you to look at…they are jam packed with brilliant learning!